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Meet Steph

Nikki is the review-writer and community moderator here to keep conversation flowin’. Aside from her obsession with fiction, she is also a lover of dogs, binge-worthy TV, and wine. If she finds a binge-worthy TV show about dogs, we may never see her again...

Lead Moderator & Nerd-In-Charge


Meet Matt

A creative photographer, food-lover, and our designated design person. She likes her sugar with coffee and cream, and when she’s not snapping pictures or organizing reviews for NikkiReads, you can find her at the beach with a sub in her hand and toes in the sand. 

Community Happiness Specialist


Meet Nikki

Matt is known for his logophilia; aka our word-nerd! His role at NikkiReads is to curate creative content. The way to win him over is to leave him alone. Just kidding, it’s really discussing Tolkien or philosophy over freshly made pizza.

Hypeman &
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Mondays are also the day you’ll receive an email reminder with info about the next week’s book title. Sometimes there’s a vote about what the next book should be. Sometimes Nikki’s To-Be-Read pile is staring at her like a sleep-paralysis demon and she ends up choosing.

Book reviews are posted on Mondays.

Community sessions happen on fridays.

Around Here...

We encourage everyone who has read the book to comment in our forum. We want to hear your voice. Although we love all books, fiction is definitely our favorite. So that’s what you can expect to see most of.

Each week we post reviews in our community keeping the fun of reading going.

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See what we mean

You know those total page-turners that you can’t seem to put down?

Yeah, we live for those.

And instead of finishing an incredible book in the lonely little corner of our apartments, we are here to engage book lovers like you in real-deal, heartfelt, and hilarious conversations.

It all started an insatiable need to talk about BOOKS.

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NikkiReads is on a mission to create an online-book-community for those who don’t want their books to end with the last chapter, but instead want to continue the conversation with fellow readers. 

To eliminate the end-of-book-blues by providing a community of engaging conversation.

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